Real-life GTA driver outwits police across two US states (VIDEOS) — RT Viral
News helicopters filmed a real-life ‘Grand Theft Auto-like’ car chase as police pursued the driver of a red pickup truck across two US states.

Real-life GTA driver outwits police across two US states (VIDEOS) — RT Viral

The dramatic chase started in Louisville, Kentucky, Thursday after officers noticed the truck matched that of a man wanted for stealing purses from women at gas stations, reports WDRB – and once the pursuit started, it continued right across into neighboring Indiana.

Things have gone mad in New Albany, Indiana

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The 45-minute chase involved the Louisville Metro Police Department and Indiana State Police, 22 police vehicles and dozens of officers who chased the suspect around an obstacle-ridden college campus and into a corn field.

Ford Ranger guy now on his third lap of the same circuit. parade of cop cars behind him unable to stop him. like a Formula 1 race

he's still going, driving in a circle. they can't figure out how to stop him

The lengthy chase reportedly came to an end when the suspect, identified as Robert G. Ellis II, ran over police spike strips before his truck was rammed by a police cruiser.

great work

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A dozen officers swarmed Ellis, with some appearing to strike him repeatedly as they made their arrest.

Well, this ended spectacularly.

Ellis was hospitalized in Floyd County for injuries sustained in the incident, but remains in Indiana State Police custody. He was charged with fleeing and resisting law enforcement.

It’s not yet known if he will face charges in Kentucky.



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